Empowering Multilingual Arabic Learners: Enhancing Oral Expression Skills and Shaping Attitudes through Numbered Heads Strategy

Feras Mahmoud Alslaiti, Mamon Alzboun, Lamia Muhammad Salim Omoush, Alaa A. Harahsheh, Rima Mahmoud Awad Al-Essa, Amer Lahad Salem Al-Masaeid, Malik Salim Odeh Alzboon
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The study aims to investigate the impact of implementing the Numbered Heads Strategy on developing oral expression skills among Arabic learners who speak languages, as well as their attitudes towards this teaching method. The research involved 50 participants, both male and female, at the fourth level of a language center within Al al-Bayt University. These participants were divided into two groups: a control group, which received traditional instruction, and an experimental group, which was taught using the Numbered Heads Strategy. The study designed an achievement test and an attitudinal scale to assess the participants. The results revealed a statistically significant difference in favor of the experimental group, with higher mean scores in both the oral expression skills test and the post-attitude scale. However, no significant differences were found between the mean scores of the experimental and control groups in the oral expression test and attitude scale when considering the interaction between teaching strategy and gender. Based on these results, the study recommends the utilization of the Numbered Heads Strategy in teaching oral expression skills to Arabic learners who speak languages other than Arabic.


Numbered heads strategy, Oral expression skills, Non-native ,Arabic language learners, Attitudes

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Alslaiti, F.M., Alzboun, M.S., Omoush, L.M.S., Harahsheh, A.A., Al- Essa, R.M.A., Al-Masaeid, A.L.S., & Alzboon, M.S.O. (2024). Empowering multilingual Arabic learners: Enhancing oral expression skills and shaping attitudes through numbered heads strategy. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (IJEMST), 12(2), 432-449. https://doi.org/10.46328/ijemst.4008

DOI: https://doi.org/10.46328/ijemst.4008


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