The Effect of Digital Stories in Teaching Historical Texts in Literature Class

Mustafa Shokhayev, Bibaisha Nurdauletova, Adilet Kabylov, Rakhymzhan Turysbek, Baktybay Zhailovov
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In this study, the effect of digital story applications on students' achievement, attitude and learning retention in teaching the works of literary figures who produced many literary works during the independence period of Kazakhstan was examined. In the study, pre-test-post-test model with control group from quasi-experimental models was used. In the study, Kabdesh Zhumadilov's "Daraboz", "Prometei alauy", Uzakbai Dospambetov's "Kyzyl zholbarys" and "Abylaidyn aq tuy", which came to the fore in the Kazakh Literature course during the independence period, Mukhtar Magauin's tetralogy "Shingis Khan", Raphael Niyazbek's novel "Kosem" and Tursınkhan Zakenuly's "Atilla" were taught with digital stories (experimental group) and lecture method (control group). After six weeks of experimental applications, the experimental group students who applied digital stories achieved a high level of achievement, learning retention and positive attitudes in the literature subjects of the Independent Period of Kazakhstan. Based on the results of the study, suggestions for the teaching of literature and language courses and new research are put forward.


Digital stories, Independence of Kazakhstan, Author's position, Historical figures, Curriculum of Kazakh literature

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Shokhayev, M., Nurdauletova, B., Kabylov, A., Turysbek, R., & Zhailovov, B. (2024). The effect of digital stories in teaching historical texts in literature class. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (IJEMST), 12(2), 496-512.



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