Exploring the Nexus of Technology, Digital, and Visual Literacy: A Bibliometric Analysis

Mesut Bulut, Ayhan Bulut, Abdullatif Kaban, Abdulkadir Kirbas
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This study sought to identify the relationships between technology, digital and visual literacy, and education through bibliometric analysis. We were able to learn more about the topic's scope and interdisciplinary tendencies in the literature by perusing the Web of Science database. According to our analysis, key and often mentioned sources in this field include the Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy, Computers & Education, and Education and Information Technologies. Our author analysis revealed notable researchers including Buckingham, D., McGrew, S., and Coiro, J. Our trend research showed that digital literacy, technology, and education are becoming increasingly important. With the aid of cluster analysis, we were able to determine the connections and subjects between the terms. As a result of our research, it is recommended that teachers be given collaborative and sharing training, technology usage be increased, and digital literacy education be given top priority. Future research can benefit from this study's findings, which offer useful advice for teachers and researchers. The promotion of successful technological and digital literacy teaching methods is what we hope to achieve. Improved student digital literacy, greater use of technology in the classroom, and better learning experiences should be the main areas of future research.


Technology literacy, Digital literacy, Virtual literacy, Bibliometric analysis, Trend analysis

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Bulut, M., Bulut, A., Kaban, A., & Kirbas, A. (2024). Exploring the nexus of technology, digital, and visual literacy: A bibliometric analysis. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (IJEMST), 12(2), 345-363. https://doi.org/10.46328/ijemst.3777

DOI: https://doi.org/10.46328/ijemst.3777


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