Formation of the Academic Performance and Cultural Values of Primary School Pupils Based on Online Supported Educational Games

Zhomart Karatas, Gulmira Mailybaeva, Aigul Tokzhanova, Klara Turebayeva, Abay Duisenbayev, Aliya Kazetova
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In this study, current issues related to Kazakh children's games were examined and the importance of games on Kazakhstan's culture was discussed. While determining the experimental and control groups in the study, 105 pupils from the 4th grade of two primary schools in Kazakhstan, who were determined by unbiased assignment, were assigned to 2 experimental and a control groups consisting of 35 pupils. In the study, online-based educational games in Experiment A group, online-based and face-to-face game activities in Experiment B group, and traditional teaching practice in control group were carried out.  At the beginning of the study, "Traditional Kazakh Games Achievement Test", "Attitude Towards Traditional Games Scale" and "Cultural Value Perception Scale" were applied to all three groups for pre-test purposes. The data collected in line with the purpose of the study were analyzed using statistical analysis techniques appropriate to the characteristics of the data and a quantitative statistical program was used in a computer environment. The findings obtained were presented in tables. For this purpose, one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Sheffe test were used. As a result of the research, pupils in experimental group A, in which online-supported educational games were applied, and in experimental group B, in which online and face-to-face educational games were applied together, achieved higher achievement levels and positive attitudes compared to the control group, which was applied traditional education.


Educational games, Online games, Primary school pupils, Experimental research, Kazakhstan

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Karatas, Z., Mailybaeva, G., Tokzhanova, A., Turebayeva, K., Duisenbayev, A., & Kazetova, A. (2023). Formation of the academic performance and cultural values of primary school pupils based on online supported educational games. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (IJEMST), 11(5), 1293-1312.



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