Investigation of the Effects of the Training Program on Negative Nutrition and Technology Addiction in Young Athletes

Saule Tarjibayeva, Valentina Adilova, Vladimir Tsitsurin, Sagdat Sadykov, Botagoz Akhmetova
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In this study, the effect of a training program developed for healthy nutrition, increasing physical activity and reducing technological addiction on the related behaviors and habits of young athletes was examined. In the study, which was carried out according to the pre-test post-test model with control group, the curriculum developed for the research variables in the experimental group was applied in 4 modules. In the study, no experimental application was applied to the participants in the control group. There were 30 young athletes in the experimental group and 30 young athletes in the control group. Young athletes in the experimental and control groups were equal to each other in terms of gender, age, eating habits and physical activity. 'Dutch Nutrition Behavior Scale', 'Technological Addiction Scale' and 'Physical Activity Questionnaire' were used as data collection tools in the study. According to the findings of the study, it was found that the negative nutritional behaviors and technological addiction of the athletes in the experimental group decreased, while their physical activity levels increased compared to their peers in the control group.


Training program, Negative nutrition, Technology addiction, Young athletes

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Tarjibayeva, S., Adilova, V., Tsitsurin, V., Sadykov, S., & Akhmetova, B. (2023). Investigation of the effects of the training program on negative nutrition and technology addiction in young athletes. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (IJEMST), 11(5), 1258-1274.



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